School Uniform

CISE students are required to wear a school uniform on a daily basis.  The school uniform consists of blue  CISE pants or shorts with a CISE golf shirt, no other types of pants or shirts are permitted.
The CISE physical education uniform consists of CISE sweat pants or shorts and a CISE short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt.
Uniforms can be purchased from the CISE Uniform Store.

  1. Parent support of the CISE dress code, which excludes jeans and sweat pants which will not be worn, is essential. Student must be in uniform on the bus, on the school grounds, and to gain admission to class. If a student comes to school without a uniform or wearing an unacceptable item of clothing, the parents will be informed. Normally in this situation the student will be sent home to correct the problem or referred to the Uniform Shop to purchase replacement uniform elements. Students who arrive at school consistently out of uniform will be subject to suspension.

  2. Students will need to wear a black closed to shoe. Flip-flops, sandals and crocs are not acceptable to be worn at school.

  3. Students need to understand that proper dress is a significant school expectation and any effort to ignore expressed standards in this regard will not be tolerated.

  4. Exceptions may be made for special occasions as agreed upon in advance by the appropriate Principal.

  5. CISE may on occasion host “Special Dress Days” such as festivals, sports days, and challenge days when the uniform is not required. Students will be notified well in advance of these days.

  6. Uniforms are to be purchased at the school Uniform Shop. It is important to ensure that sufficient pants/shorts, shirts and/or T-shirts are on hand at home.  There should be no excuse for uniforms not being worn due to being laundered. It is the parents’ responsibility to have uniform pants shortened.

  7. Any modifications to the school uniform for reasons of faith must be discussed and approved on an individual basis with the Administration.

  8. Students are expected to come to school clean and well-groomed. Excessive expressions of individuality such as coloured hair or body piercings are not appropriate for this school and will require a discussion with the Administration of the school should they appear.

  9. These dress code expectations apply as well to students involved in field trips unless specific alternative clothing directions have been given.

  10. Students participating in field trips and tournaments must wear their school uniforms.

  11. In cooler weather, if students are cold, they must only wear uniform sweaters/hoodies in classes.

  12. Hats are not to be worn inside the school.