Community Service

The Ontario Ministry of Education requires that every secondary school student complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service in order to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

We believe that the purpose of the community service requirement is to encourage students to develop an understanding of civic responsibility and the role they can play in supporting and strengthening their communities. As well, such involvement can assist students in making a positive difference. This reflects the Egyptian characteristics of charity, generosity, and helping others. In addition, helping others enhances the self-image of students and fosters a greater sense of belonging. Experiences in the community may also influence students’ career choices.

This guide has been developed to provide information on community involvement activities and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

How to Get Started

Step 1 – Exploring the possibilities

Before selecting an activity, students should review the list of eligible and ineligible activities. When choosing an activity, students should consider their interests as well as the needs of the community. There are many different places that can help students locate volunteer placements. Several are listed at the end of this booklet.

Step 2 – Selecting an activity

In consultation with their parents/guardians, students will select an activity from the CISE list of eligible activities. If an activity does not fall within the list, students must obtain written approval from the principal before beginning the activity. Activities deemed ineligible by the Ontario Ministry of Education will not be approved.

Step 3 – Recording the selected activity

Before beginning the activity, students must provide the guidance counsellor with a completed STUDENT COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ACTIVITY RECORD form indicating the activity in which they plan to be involved. This from must be signed by the student and by a parent/guardian if the student is under 18. If the activity is not on the approved list, the form must also be signed by the principal.

Step 4 – Documenting the activity

When an activity has been completed, the STUDENT COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ACTIVITY RECORD must be signed by the community sponsor who supervised the activity. The student must then submit the complete form to the guidance counsellor to be recorded on your transcript. The hours will not be recorded, or the activity considered completed, until the student has submitted the signed form.

What qualifies as a Community Service Activity?

CISE supports activities that benefit community members and organizations, and contribute to the development of students. All activities must take place outside of scheduled class time (spare periods, lunch, and after school are acceptable), and must be performed without pay.

Students are encouraged to choose activities outside of the school in order to benefit from a broad range of experiences. The following is a list of eligible categories with a few examples in each category to assist students in their selection of activities. Other activities are subject to the principal’s approval.

Charitable Organizations – assisting with special events or programs, organizing fundraisers/food drives

Environmental Projects – flower/tree planting, beautification projects, recycling projects

Animal Care – volunteering in a veterinarian clinic or animal shelter

Community Organizations – assisting with special events, programs

Sports and Recreation – coaching, organizing with special events, assisting with projects/events, refereeing

Health Agencies – volunteering in hospitals (e.g. reading books to patients), organizing fundraising events

Children/Youth Programs – volunteering at an orphanage, tutoring refugees

School Services – tutoring, assisting with school events (e.g. Spring Fling)

Resources: – See the Guidance Department for more information about any of these, or other opportunities

Amnesty International <>

CSA, Ma’adi

Ressala <> (19450)

SPARE (Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt)

Animal Friends, Ma’adi

Awlaadi Orphanage

Habitat for Humanity