University Prep

Looking to the Future You have some very important decisions coming up – and now is the time to do some research. Following is a list of questions to ask yourself as you are considering universities in order to make sure that you make the right decision for you.

1. What country do I want to study in? There are many options open to you – Egypt, Canada, U.S., England, Lebanon, Switzerland, Italy, Spain etc. Each of these countries will have different requirements, so it is important to research different schools to find out what you will need. Also, they will all have different application deadlines – find out what they are so you don’t miss out!!

2. What program am I interested in? Most schools offer Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Mass Communication, and many other programs. However, the requirements will be different at each school. It is your responsibility to research these programs and find out what you will need in order to be eligible. Be creative – just because a school needs Math for a ‘Business’ degree, doesn’t mean you can’t take a business related program. Some schools have similar programs which are called by different names.

3. What am I looking for in my school? Do you want a big, research-oriented school, or a small, student focused school? Do I want to live in a big city, or a smaller city? Do I want a school that is down-town in the middle of things, or would I prefer to be in the suburbs? What kind of extra-curricular activities do they offer? What other student services are available?

4. Where do I want to live? Will I live at home? In a residence? A home-stay program? My own apartment? These are all considerations in helping to decide schools. If you want to be in residence, do they guarantee you will get in? What kind of residence is it? Can I stay there over Christmas? What is the meal-plan like? If you want to get your own apartment, you might want to check on how much it will probably cost, how far away it will be, and what kind of transportation is available.

5. Other considerations: These include: cost (including tuition, housing, food, clothes, phone bills, transportation etc.); weather (cold and snowy? Rainy? Hot and sunny? What can you handle?); distance (how likely are you to get homesick? How close to airports are you so you can get home?); academic calendar (how many courses do you take at a time? How is it organized?)

This is an exciting time. Please make an appointment to discuss any questions you might have.