Computer Facilities

The Canadian International School of Egypt is dedicated to providing our parents, staff and students the technology they need to succeed.

1. The Website

The CISE website is a news-portal dedicated to providing information to our school community and visitors abroad. The website is also a fully functioning online e-learning center designed to allow our parents, staff and students the opportunity to share learning activities online. There are over 75+ online courses dedicated to the website interacting with our entire student body and staff.

2. Interactive White Boards and LCD

. CISE is fully equipped with over 50 Digital Interactive White Boards. The Interactive White Boards allow our staff to deliver learning activities in a interactive method allowing students to physically interact with board lessons. This revolutionary technology allows staff to provide a larger array of potential learning activities to students. Our High School is also fully equipped with 50″ LCD Plasma screens. Both our Interactive White Boards and LCD screens are fully compatible to both PC and Macintosh systems.

3. Internal Network, Server and Email Accounts.

CISE is fully equipped to handle any network load. We have a fully functioning top of the line internet connection, rivaled by many institutions in Egypt. Our Internal Network allows our staff and student body to communicate efficiently. Our in house EMAIL systems allows for effective communication amongst staff as well as students and parents. Communicated and sharing information with any of our staff is seamless and extremely efficient.

4. Computer Laboratories

. CISE supports 3 fully functioning Computer Labs. 2 of our labs, one located in the Elementary and one in the Secondary building, are server based laboratories allowing seamless lesson activities. Students participate in online learning activities, learn essential computer principles and interact digitally with their peers and teacher. Our third laboratory is located in the Secondary building. The main computer lab is a fully functioning design studio allowing students to perform larger tasks including high level graphic design, video and audio editing and AUTO-CAD design.

5. Support Staff

CISE operates a department of fully qualified Computer Support Staff. Our Support Staff are on call to help staff and students alike. Our Support Staff maintain our servers, network and online capabilities. Protective Internet Protocols are strictly adhered to, allowing safe and secure online experiences for students.