News from CISE Athletics:

CISE offers a wide range of facilities to help students maximize their athletic capabilities during school and after. CISE offers a fully functional gymnasium that houses indoor sports such as, dodge ball, basketball, volleyball and various indoor activities. In addition, the school offers two full soccer fields that are the centre stage for spirited matches during soccer tournaments and class activities. CISE provides students with fully functional outdoor volleyball, basketball as well as tennis courts. The school also offers a growing weight room containing free weights, strength bands, bench press and multipurpose gym equipment for students looking to improve their fitness levels in class.

This year has started off in a positive note for athletics here at CISE. The elementary swim team kicked off the season at Cairo English School this past October. The wolves, although low in numbers, swam hard to capture four top three finishes in backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. Coaches Ms. Cara and Mr. Nduwayo worked hard with the athletes, refining skills and technique to prepare athletes for competition. We look forward to seeing more from our athletes in the year to come.

The athletic department offers a wide range of sports for students looking for the competitive edge or simply to be apart of a club. Sports offered during the fall semester include, boys and girls soccer, and elementary/secondary swimming for ages under 18 to under 12. Sports to look forward to in the winter include, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, rugby, and track and field. We look forward to seeing all our wolves in action showing school pride and determination as they work towards their athletic goals.