1. What is the Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE) ?

CISE is a Pre-School to Grade 12 International School in Cairo, Egypt. CISE provides its Students with the Canadian “Ontario Secondary School Diploma” and is approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and is listed on the Ontario Ministry of Education website as an Overseas Private School.

Administrators and many of the teachers are trained and certified in Canada. The school follows the Canadian-Ontario curriculum uses Canadian teaching and classroom management techniques and Canadian learning materials (text books, computer software and audio-visual aids).

In addition to the regular core subjects taught in English, students study French and Arabic.

Our facilities include:

  • technology in classrooms
  • computer labs
  • science labs
  •  gymnasium
  • swimming pool
  • soccer football fields
  • tennis courts • basketball courts
  • volleyball court
  • squash courts
  • cafeteria
  • library
  • auditorium

Grade 12 students graduate with a Canadian-Ontario Secondary School Diploma which is recognized and respected by universities throughout the world.

CISE also offers a French Immersion Program – the only school in Egypt to do so.

Students enrolled in this program are instructed in French for approximately 60% of their school day in mathematics, social studies, art and physical education, as well as French language. Currently the program accommodates students from Grade One to Grade Eight.

2. How did CISE get started?

The Hammams, a prominent Egyptian family, decided to establish an international school as a means of ‘giving back’ something of value to Egyptian society. Under the guidance of the Board Members; and encouraged by the family’s Canadian business experiences, the decision was made to establish a Canadian International School.

The Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada gave its approval, subsequent to successful completion of the accreditation process, for the school to grant credits and award the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.The school opened its doors in September, 2002. In June of 2013 we honored our 8th graduating class. The school’s graduates are now attending universities in Canada, United States, Europe and Tier One universities in Egypt.

The school is growing. Its staff complement is increasing. The future is bright.

3- What makes CISE different from other International Schools in Cairo?

The Canadian International School is unique. 

The school is Canadian in far more than name. It intentionally strives to create an atmosphere and environment which is distinctly Canadian.

Our students are expected to understand and accept the Canadian ‘way of things’. This does not mean that we are trying to change our Egyptian students and other foreign nationals into Canadians. Rather we are asking our students to embrace their cultural heritage at the same time as they learn from their Canadian teachers other ways of thinking, behaving and growing.

We often reflect on a very important educational goal for our students – to learn to think and problem solve as Canadians do, while honoring and valuing the gifts of their own culture. Our students learn to live in two cultures at the same time and to learn from both.

4. What is involved in applying for Admission for my son or daughter to CISE?

Student candidates for CISE, along with their parents, participate in an assessment process to confirm that CISE is the school that will best meet their needs.That process includes:

  1. separate parent and student intake interviews.
  2. an academic assessment of the student.
  3. review of educational history. 

After this assessment process is completed, a summary of the results is discussed with parents. If the student is not accepted, parents have some useful information to help them plan their child’s educational future. If the student is accepted, CISE has important information to begin planning that student’s school program for the up-coming year.

5. What is expected of students who attend CISE?

Students who choose, with the support of their parents, to attend CISE are expected to respond to the expectations contained within the School’s Code of Student Conduct including:

  • Coming to school regularly, on time and ready to learn.
  • Showing respect for themselves and others.
  • Co-operating with other members of the school community.
  • Showing courtesy.
  • Developing self-discipline.
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • Contributing to the well-being of all students and staff.

Students are expected to work hard, practice good citizenship, be personally responsible and be focused on their future!

6. What does CISE expect of the parents of its students?

CISE expects that parents will serve as models for their children – responsible, hard-working, caring and adults. They should:

  • Be interested in their child’s efforts and progress.
  • Be in regular communication with their child’s teacher(s).
  • Be, as often as possible, a participant in significant school events.
  • Be eager to assist their child to demonstrate the behaviors the school’s Code of Conduct expects.
  • Be partners with school staff in dealing with student needs and challenges.

Parents are expected to provide their children with support, direction and praise as their children move towards their own adulthood.