On the evening of November 9th, 20 students from high school assembled together to begin CISE’s new recycling initiative. For 3 hours, the students taped, glued, painted, and labeled 75 re-used cardboard boxes, which will now serve as plastic and paper recycling boxes. The recycling boxes will be placed in each classroom and collected on a weekly basis. The recyclable materials will be given to a Non-Governmental Organization to support local communities in Cairo.

Salmay Ayoub, a grade 11 student who is also a member of the Model United Nations (MUN) team at CISE, approached Mr. Jordan Kozina after a MUN meeting saying that she really enjoys learning about problems facing the world in the MUN program, but would like to take some real action. “The events and knowledge I am exposed to in MUN is fascinating. However, I have found myself wondering how I can make a difference, even just a small one, in my community,” said Ayoub.

This year Ayoub decided to partner with fellow students Alia Abdelmeguid, Abdallah Sabah, and Lara Riad to install a recycling program at CISE. While progress is well underway in the high school building, Ayoub recognizes the need to involve the elementary building as well. “At this point, we want to begin with the high school so that we may start small and build on our successes. We know there is a lot of recycling potential throughout the entire school, and we are using the secondary school as a bit of a pilot project,” explained Ayoub.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this initiative that it is completely student-run, with Mr. Jordan serving as a facilitator.  “The students came to me and indicated that this is something they were passionate about. We called a meeting a couple days afterwards, and 20 students showed up to my classroom at lunch. It is wonderful to see the next generation of globally minded citizens taking action and assuming responsibility for resource conservation,” said Mr. Jordan.